Why Hire an Admissions Consultant?
Admissions today are more complex and competitive than ever before. Akademyk counselors are former admissions officers and counselors, which gives them a unique perspective for providing highly personalized, strategic guidance that will enable you to stand out and significantly improve your likelihood of admission.

Can you Guarantee Admission?
Because of the highly competitive nature of admissions – as well as the ethical guidelines outlined by the national associations governing undergraduate and graduate admissions counseling – we cannot guarantee admission to any college or university. In fact, no one can. However, 94% of our clients are consistently admitted to at least one of their top three choices.

Do you Only Work with Ivy-League Bound Students?
While a significant number of our students are seeking admission into a highly competitive top-tier or “Ivy League” University, our focus is to find the “best match” for our students. We have experience helping students of all GPAs and academic backgrounds find and gain acceptance to a college where they will thrive.

Do you offer Standardized Test Preparation?
Akademyk specializes exclusively in admissions counseling and does not offer standardized test preparation and/or academic tutoring. We do, however, engage with trusted tutoring partners and are always happy to make introductions for our clients, when appropriate.

How does Counseling Work?
All counseling is one-on-one and 100% virtual. We meet on any platform you prefer – phone, GoogleMeet, Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp or WeChat. Counselors are responsible for driving the process, letting you know what you need to work on and when.

How Will I be Matched with a Counselor?
The mostly virtual nature of Akademyk’s support enables us to connect you with the most qualified former admissions officer on our team, regardless of location. We take several factors into consideration when recommending specific counselors, including intended academic area(s) of interest, potential schools of interest, counseling style/personality and availability.

Do Students Work Directly with the Founder?
Mr. Alvarado will likely conduct the initial consultation in order to assess the needs of the student applicant and how Akademyk can support their goals. He also makes sure that each student is paired with the right counselor and works with the counselors in strategizing for their students’ success. However, he only works directly with only 1 or 2 students at any given point.

When are Counselors Available?
Counselors indicate their availability to clients at the onset of their working relationship. Typically, counselors will meet on weekdays or weeknights, depending on clients’ schedules. Counselors will also make themselves available over weekends when necessary. Counselors provide a scheduling calendar to their clients to facilitate setting up appointments.

How Frequently Will We Meet?
For clients one or more years out from the application process, meetings typically occur every 3 – 4 weeks, however, additional meetings will be required to cover special topics throughout the year. For clients who have moved to the application phase, meetings will be much more frequent – sometimes as often as several per week – to ensure timely application completion.

Do You Also Meet with Parents?
Certainly. Your Akademyk counselor will be a trusted resource to both you and your child. Some parents attend every meeting, others attend a few and ask to be copied on follow-up emails and/or receive meeting summaries, and some truly take a full step back from the process. Regardless of preference, parents can always set up separate meetings with their counselor.

Will our communications be confidential?
Akademyk ensures complete privacy for our clients, from the NDAs our employees sign to the various cybersecurity methods we use. All communications between Akademyk and our clients are kept entirely confidential. We received explicit written consent to publish all of the testimonials shared on our website.

How Do I Get Started?
First, schedule an introductory call with an Akademyk advisor for college admissions counseling. During your call, we will learn more about your needs as well as educational goals and discuss how Akademyk can support you in the process.

After your introductory call, an Akademyk advisor will follow up with additional information on a recommended counseling program and counselor. We will be happy to subsequently answer any additional questions you may have.

When you are ready to get started, your Akademyk advisor can set up a brief follow-up call to walk you through the next steps for enrollment, including payment.

Once you have made your initial payment, you will begin Akademyk’s onboarding process – which includes having you complete a new client questionnaire and sending us any academic records. Your onboarding should not take more than an hour or two and you should expect to hear from your counselor within one business day of completion to schedule your first meeting.

How is Payment Made?
Payments may be made by personal check, wire transfer, and personal debit or credit card linked to a US financial institution. All billing is managed internally.

What is your Refund Policy?
Akademyk consulting packages sales are final and non-refundable. While we do not offer refunds, our focus is on your complete satisfaction. In the rare case that your counselor is not the right fit, we can accommodate any request for a counselor change. Other questions or concerns can be addressed and/or remedied by contacting your admissions consultant, or contacting us via email.


Please fill out this form to schedule a brief 30-minute exploratory phone call. In the case of college applicants, the call should include the student as well as their parents. During this call we will ask about your academic background and career goals to help us determine the viability of the applicant before moving forward.

During the call we will also provide additional details on our services, fees, and next steps.

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